Welcome to the world of aging… but not as you know it

What if we told you that aging is about to become a thing of the past? And the best thing is, you don’t even have to fly to Neverland (or visit Lake Nona).

There’s never been a more exciting time to grow old. After decades of research, we now understand aging more than ever and, for the first time, are reaching a consensus on the factors that contribute to it.

A growing class of startups help you monitor your biological age (the state of cells) as opposed to chronological age (how old you are). LeAD alumni – AgeRate – provides an at-home blood test that reveals your biological age and other health and longevity insights via epigenetic analysis and AI algorithms. This is combined with a mobile app that delivers personalized lifestyle recommendations to help its users slow down aging. 

Anti-aging gene therapy involves altering an organism’s DNA to reverse aging. Harvard startup Rejuvenate Bio secured over $10M in April to tackle age-related conditions with a single injection — and it’s experimenting on age reversal with dogs.

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