Suji: The cutting-edge product in pain relief and recovery

It’s time to meet the founders from our second leAD Lake Nona cohort! From AI-powered nutrition solutions to a wearable, medical-grade continuous oxygen monitor, only the top 1% of applicants were selected for the program. We caught up with Alexander Birks, Co-Founder and CEO of Suji, to discuss his company and his experience as a founder.

Tell us about your company and the solution you are bringing to this market.

“Suji is a fitness technology company backed by British tennis champion, Jamie Murray OBE. Suji Device enables all athletes to relieve pain, improve performance, & recover faster. Suji Device is worn at the top of the limbs and by compressing, partially reduces blood flow during low-intensity exercise.”

How is your company disrupting the industry?

“The market for blood flow restriction training equipment is fragmented with solutions varying wildly in cost and performance. Suji is the first AI-Powered BFR device making smart exercise recommendations to each user, removing the need to seek advice from a certified practitioner prior to use.”

What are you looking forward to in the program and how do you expect it to impact your company?

“As a team, we are most looking forward to the sector-specific support and advice. leAD has shown to really understand what we are trying to do at Suji and appears to have the resources to make our vision happen. We expect to see accelerated progress on the commercial, technical, and funding fronts.”

What’s your favorite thing about being a founder? Any tips for wannabe founders in the sports and health tech industry?

“Not a lot… it is hard! Kidding aside, I really like the direct impact our work has on progress – this is something you do not get in a large Company, in a startup, there is no hiding, either you have got the job done or you haven’t. The advice I’d have for other founders, find a team. A good one.”

Thanks for the interview, Alexander! And a warm welcome to the leAD family – we are very excited to work together and take Suji to the next level.

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