Point: The hottest new health & fitness app

It’s time to meet the founders from our second leAD Lake Nona cohort! From AI-powered nutrition solutions to a wearable, medical-grade continuous oxygen monitor, only the top 1% of applicants were selected for the program. We caught up with Paige Sullivan, Co-Founder and COO, and Kingsley McGowan, Co-Founder and CEO, at Point to discuss their company and their personal journey’s as founders.

Tell us about your company and the solution you are bringing to this market.

“Point is a mobile app that digests your smartwatch data and provides specific and actionable recommendations on how to reach your health & fitness goals. We provide high-level insights and recommendations so that users are able to understand and implement what works for them, and what they should do next in regards to their health and fitness goals.”

How is your company disrupting the industry?

“We are uniquely positioned within the sports and health tech industry as we are the only agnostic data aggregator that renders your own biometric data in useful and actionable insights and recommendations.”

What are you looking forward to in the program and how do you expect it to impact your company?

Paige: “We are most excited about being in an ecosystem that not only supports startups and their founders but is passionate and industry-specific. leAD’s hands-on and immersive approach is really what excited us about participating in the program and their vast network of leaders, experts, entrepreneurs, and connectors is impressive, to say the least.”

Kingsley: “Proximity to other founders/companies working within the same sports and health tech industry is enticing. We’re firm believers that being in such close quarters with other companies within the vertical will lead to significant developments across every tranche of our company.”

What’s your favorite thing about being a founder? Any tips for wannabe founders in the sports and health tech industry?

Paige: “Being a founder is probably the hardest and most rewarding role you could have, but it’s not for everyone. You have to be crazy-passionate about what you are building and have unrelenting determination to succeed. You hear it all the time from founders but be prepared to hear “no” more than “yes”, and be prepared to also hear “crickets” because ghosting is alive and well in the startup world! I actually teach an undergraduate class on Startups & Entrepreneurship and I always tell my students, get comfortable with failure! The more you learn to embrace it as a founder or entrepreneur, the better person, and empathetic leader you will become, and you’ll be able to navigate through those moments of failure so much better.”

Kingsley: “In rugby, we used to say “stay in the arm wrestle”. That sentiment is more or less my favorite thing about being a founder. No matter the circumstances you have to stay in the arm wrestle. Count for anything and everything to go wrong, but as a founder just stay the course and keep moving ahead. As for my favorite thing about being a founder, I love working across the entire breadth of the company. Maybe I was an overzealous product manager in my past life, but I love working across every function from a high level and then drilling down when needed to.”

Thanks for the interview, Paige and Kingsley! And a warm welcome to the leAD family – we are very excited to work together and take Point to the next level.

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