Mental health space: it’s not all metric-focused

Last year, we have seen a boom in the health and wellness industry. Communities, individuals, and organizations are expressing interest in personal and employee health and wellness. This has been reflected in the funding energy. Today, this market is larger than it has ever been. In 2020 alone, over $1B was invested in Mental Health & Wellness – a 112% increase compared to 2019.  

The strength of the mental health market in 2020 highlights that individuals and athletes are seeking not only physical improvement but also mental and cognitive health gains. At leAD, we are very cognizant of this vertical and have been tracking the space for some time. Back in 2018, we invested in an amazing company, Skill Yoga, and this week Christoph, our CEO, was fortunate enough to catch up with one of the co-founders, Gerjet Efken, who shared his thoughts on the intersection of at-home wellness and mental health. 

“There’s little doubt that connected equipment and technology-enabled workouts and meditations are the future of at-home training. However, understanding the interactions between behaviors and mental well-being remains a problem. That’s why we need to not just rely on mental well-being proxies like heart rate variability, but also teach people to be more aware of how they are, through tools like meditation, and combine quantitative data with more subjective measures like well-being questionnaires.”

Gerjet Efken – Co-Founder of Skill Yoga

For the ones looking to create a meditation routine at home, Skill Yoga just launched its Meditation Coach. You can download the Skill Yoga’s on Google Play, and the App Store.