Kutai: The ultimate AI-powered nutrition experience

It’s time to meet the founders from our second leAD Lake Nona cohort! From AI-powered nutrition solutions to a wearable, medical-grade continuous oxygen monitor, only the top 1% of applicants were selected for the program. We caught up with Simon Villa, Founder and CEO of Kutai, to discuss his product and journey as a founder.

Tell us about your company and the solution you are bringing to this market.

“In Kutai we believe in positively impacting the health, well-being, and performance of our users through frictionless holistic solutions that include nutrition, technology, and motivation. We deliver value to our users through an AI-powered guide that helps them make the best food choices towards a healthier life.”

How is your company disrupting the industry?

“Most alternatives out there have either atomistic or discontinuous approaches and fail to understand that changing a habit as important as nutrition requires a holistic view of the problem and a user-centered approach. We understand this, we focus on the journey and technology is enabling us to move closer towards precision nutrition and to take you closer to the best version of yourself.”

What are you looking forward to in the program and how do you expect it to impact your company?

“We are looking forward to really accelerating the company. We want to become an active part of the Lake Nona ecosystem, to keep learning and to improve both our product and business model, to generate traction, to expand our networking exponentially, and to continue raising the funds needed to grow and deliver value to our users.”

What’s your favorite thing about being a founder? Any tips for wannabe founders in the sports and health tech industry?

“Being a founder is all about purpose, passion, impact, and resiliency. You can find and pursue your purpose and impact a lot of people in the process. However, you have to be patient and resilient, you have to be able to keep your mind open to listen, observe and learn. There are no bad decisions, only decisions that you don’t learn from.”

Thanks for the interview, Simon! And a warm welcome to the leAD family – we are very excited to work together and take Kutai to the next level.

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