indiFIT: The innovative new fitness platform

It’s time to meet the founders from our second leAD Lake Nona cohort! From AI-powered nutrition solutions to a wearable, medical-grade continuous oxygen monitor, only the top 1% of applicants were selected for the program. We caught up with Cheryl Kemp, Founder and CEO of indiFIT, to discuss her company and her experience as a founder.

Tell us about your company and the solution you are bringing to this market.

“indiFIT is a business management platform built exclusively for (and with) fitness and wellness instructors. We empower our partners to build thriving businesses by equipping them with seamless booking & payment, beautiful on demand video & content libraries, admin task automation, and powerful marketing tools.”

How is your company disrupting the industry?

“Group fitness instructors historically earn about $26 per class, which is just 13% of what a typical studio class generates in revenue. We’re imagining a fitness industry where instructors can earn over 5x more doing what they love while enjoying autonomy and more direct and meaningful relationships with their clients. The core thesis behind indiFIT is that incredibly deep bonds form between clients and their favorite instructors. I experienced that as a consumer myself. In some cases, I drove 30 min to the other side of the city just to take class with my favorite instructor, but their earning potential never matched the loyalty that I felt to them – and that bothered me. There are so many exciting market dynamics that make this the perfect time for disruption. Last year, we saw major growth in consumer adoption of virtual fitness, a huge shift in mindset amongst fitness professionals, and a society that is seeking connection more than ever. Instructors have been building their communities on social media for years, but now is the time for those communities to become thriving businesses. We’re excited to be leading the shift!”

What are you looking forward to in the program and how do you expect it to impact your company?

“Community is at the heart of our business in so many ways, and that same idea of community is what makes me so excited to participate in leAD. It will be extremely energizing to connect with like-minded founders and mentors who share the passion for health and wellness that makes my team and I jump out of bed every morning. As a Chicagoan, I’m also excited to have a little Florida sunshine in my life and explore the incredible Lake Nona ecosystem.”

What’s your favorite thing about being a founder? Any tips for wannabe founders in the sports and health tech industry?

“Throughout my career, I’ve always considered myself to be a generalist, but becoming a founder has taken that to a whole new level. I love being challenged to think about my business through every lens – whether that be strategy, product, growth, or operations; every day is different and so rewarding. I’ve learned more in one year as a founder than the last 5 combined!

My best advice for an aspiring founder in this industry is to just go for it! Nobody is ever fully ready when they take the leap as a founder and I’m a big believer that “great products aren’t invented, they’re discovered.” So much learning and change happen over the journey of building a company, but as long as you’re listening to your customers, that evolution happens naturally. So, really the only advice you need is to get started and not ever stop.”

Thanks for the interview, Cheryl! And a warm welcome to the leAD family – we are very excited to work together and take indiFIT to the next level.

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