High Performance Health

2021 has been a big year for the Longevity industry. In fact, global investments in Longevity-focused early-stage companies totaled $39.54 billion this year, alone. For comparison, in 2020 the total investments in the Longevity Industry constituted $60B, which means that companies working in this space are particularly hot right now. 

Over the past century, the average human life expectancy has more than doubled. Children born in a wealthy country today are likely to live into their ninth decade and beyond. While this is great news for humanity, there is a real need to ensure that we all reach our twilight years in the best health possible. which successfully identify trends, and help us to build better habits.

The increasing popularity of wearables, at-home diagnostics, and concierge medicine over the past few years has bolstered the notion of high-performance health. Smart home devices, smart beds and toilets are now being optimised to help us live our best lives. Alarm clocks can now wake you up in your optimal R.E.M. stage, the caffeine in your coffee can be perfectly tailored to your energy needs, your workout can be planned and timed according to your exact energy levels and factored on your HRV and so on. With so much data, the clear winner will be the platforms that successfully identify trends, and help us to build better habits.

As the big names of the fitness industry also look to survive long term, they too are turning to longevity and performance living. After a crazy year and big sale, Crossfit bounced back and launched Precision Care in October. CrossFit owner Roza describes this service as “fitness meeting healthcare for the first time.” This service offers personalized care and health optimization with the help of genomic testing, blood testing, longevity analyses, and a lifestyle review.

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