3 reasons why Lake Nona is the perfect place for your startup

Looking to accelerate your business? Here are 3 reasons why Lake Nona is the perfect place for your sports and health tech startup.

Planned and developed by Tavistock Development Company, Lake Nona, Orlando, FL, is one of the most innovative communities in America. Heralded as the Silicon Valley of sports and health tech, the community is a hot destination for medical innovation, has a booming sports and performance district, and high-tech innovation centers. We are talking about first-class sports, health, and wellbeing opportunities! Considering its advanced infrastructure and focus on innovation, it’s no surprise leAD found in Lake Nona a home for its accelerator program and portfolio companies. 

In early 2020, we launched our first program in Lake Nona: the leAD Lake Nona Sports & Health Tech Academy. During our program, selected companies receive world-class training and gain access to our incredible network of experienced mentors, investors, and partners. The training includes coaching and development in business planning, finance, legal, prototyping and pitching skills, and leAD’s network of angels, investors, VCs, and family offices can make meaningful introductions for each startup. All of this while living in a place that lives and breathes innovation: Lake Nona. 

In this blog post, we’ve outlined the top 3 reasons why Lake Nona is the perfect place for our sports & health tech entrepreneurs to call home.

1. The Lake Nona community is smart and wired for the future.

And most importantly, ready to support innovators on their journeys!

Lake Nona hosts a community of tech-savvy residents, presenting a large market of early adopters to bring market validation to companies. The community is already filled with innovation, such as autonomous buses or WHIT, Lake Nona’s smart home. Whether it be at the Lake Nona Performance Club or pitching in our beautiful space, there are plenty of opportunities for companies to showcase themselves, engage with and gain feedback from real consumers and members of the Lake Nona community. 

This smart community isn’t just great for companies’ market validation but also offers founders a large pool of highly skilled workers to collaborate with and build long-term professional relationships. With roots in Lake Nona, successful companies stay and grow in this city then reinvest in the ecosystem around them. It isn’t just a home for 6 months, this is a long-term opportunity. Lake Nona is a no-limit foundation for companies to thrive. 

The thriving startup ecosystem in Lake Nona

2. Founders can gain access and surround themselves with the top companies in sports and health innovation. 

The USTA, Disney, Chopra Global, Johnson & Johnson, UCF, VA, Verizon, to name a few, are all within your reach. 

leAD Lake Nona startups gain access to an ecosystem of companies in the sports and health tech industry, many of them within minutes of the space. This Lake Nona ecosystem is devoted to health, well-being, human performance, business innovation, and education. The benefits of these companies extend far beyond Lake Nona. They influence business, health, and human performance throughout the world. The proximity to this network gives unparalleled visibility to our entrepreneurs and an incredible opportunity to potentially establish partnerships with world-class companies such as the USTA, Chopra Global, and Verizon for example.

Furthermore, our founders also gain access to Verizon’s 5G Innovation Lab and the leAD dedicated space. The space is located within the new 16,000-square-foot Pixon MS2 innovation space in the heart of Lake Nona Town Center – the community’s open-air regional entertainment district. Wired with gigabit infrastructure and access to a high-speed 5G network, the Pixon MS2 space provides a vibrant environment lined with art and complete with co-working spaces, conference rooms, and common areas to allow participants to conceive, test, and implement their ideas. 

Pixon building. Credit: Lake Nona/Tavistock

In our space, the companies can also work side by side with one another which offers them the ability to collaborate with, and learn from each other. Given the multitude of experience and knowledge each cohort brings, companies can gain a lot from working in the same space together. Ryan Rosenbaum, Co-Founder & CMO of Phlex, a startup from our debut cohort, explains that ​​“because of the deep knowledge and broad base that all the companies provide, we’re able to fix some of the issues that we’re working on just by talking to our peers.”

3. Lake Nona is embedded in the city of Orlando, a major hub for startups and tech

Lake Nona has been set up for success in Orlando, one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. This fast growth follows into the workforce as Orlando was named number one in the country for job growth. For entrepreneurs, Orlando is also well placed. Entrepreneur magazine named Orlando as one of the “top ten places to start a business” and it is also ranked as the least expensive city in the US to launch a business. In addition to a flourishing startup ecosystem, Florida is the second-best state for business and Orlando is the top US city for business friendliness. 

Orlando facts:

Beyond the facts, Orlando is home to top companies, a highly skilled workforce and a constant influx of visitors, making it a perfect environment for Lake Nona. 


Bringing together companies, partners and mentors in the sports and health tech industry from all over the world, leAD offers entrepreneurs a network of people to help drive innovation in Lake Nona, the Silicon Valley of sports and health tech. We couldn’t be more excited for you to join us on our journey as we build the future of this industry. Startup founders – feel free to reach out to our scouting team via our application form.